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ALSTROM PVDF aluminium composite panel consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.5mm aluminium skins. As its name suggests, the ACP is coated with PVDF Kynar 500 / HYLAR 5000 fluorocarbon coating in order to provide a long lasting, durable finish.

PVDF aluminium composite panel advantages and characteristics
    -Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance
    -Excellent sound, heat insulation
    -Superior impact and peel strength
    -Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
    -Light weight and easy to maintain

ALSTROM PVDF aluminium composite panel is ideal to be used for office buildings, shopping centres, industrial buildings, airports, hotels, bus stations, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and residential buildings.

Technical data of PVDF Aluminium composite panel

Thickness of coating PVDF paint ≧25 um 26um to 28um
Coating Flexibility (T-bend) PVDF paint≦2T 2T
Coating Adhesion ≧1 grade for 10*10mm2 gridding test 1 grade
Pencil Hardness ≧HB HB
Resist Solvent No change for 200 times (MEK) No change
Chemical Resistance 5%HCL or 5%NAOH-No change for 24hours No change
Boiling Water Resistance coating no tear off for 2 hours boiling no tear off
Color difference △E≦2.0(follow color sample) 0.5
Panel Peeling Strength 7 N/mm for 4mm panel with 0.5mm aluminium. skin 7N/mm
Impact Test for paint impact--paint no split for panel no split
Abrasion Resistance(L/Mil) ASTM D968 44
Chemical Resistance ASTM D1308 Appearance: No change
Film Adhesion ASTM D3359(Note 1) 5B
Detergent Resistance(3%) ASTM D2248 Appearance: No change
Stripping Strength(kgf/inch) ASTM D903 18.5
Humidity Resistance (3000hrs,100%RH,100°F) ASTM D2247 Appearance: No change
Salt Spray Resistance (3000hrs,5% salt) ASTM B117 Appearance: No change

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