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ALSTROM Nano-PVDF aluminium composite panel is anti-graffiti and self cleaning. It is composed of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.5mm aluminum skins. Coming with hydrophobic and lipophobic surface, the Nano-PVDF ACP features good water and dirt resistance. The protected object stays clean much longer and can be easily cleaned with pure water.

The LOTUS EFFECT is the most distinguished characteristic of Nano-PVDF aluminium composite panel. The lotus leaf is never polluted by dirt although coming from silt. The same as lotus leaves, ALSTROM ACP has high water repellency and the dirt on its surface can be easily cleaned away by a heavy rain.

Why choose ALSTROM Nano PVDF composite panel?

ALSTROM get a patent for Nano-PVDF panel which has the following advantages.
    - Excellent easy-cleaning.
    - Pollution Resistance
    - Oil resistance
    - Good Friction Resistance
    - Strong Acid & Alkali Resistance
    - Outstanding weather resistance
Advantages and applications

Due to above characteristics, the Nano-PVDF aluminium composite panel is ideal for wall decoration and protection for office buildings, shopping centres, industrial buildings, airports, hotels, bus centres, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and residential buildings, to name a few.

Property comparison between Nano-PVDF coating and PVDF coating

Coating Type NANO Coating PVDF Coating
Paint Particle 0.001micron-0.03micron 0.3micron
Pollution Resistance Dust hardly sticks on the panel Dust sticks easily
Easy-cleaning Dust goes away with bead NIL
Friction Resistance Over 10,000 times Several thousands times
Acid Resistance 5% HCI, 240 hrs 24 hrs
Alkali Resistance 5% NaOH, 240 hrs 24 hrs
Oil Resistance 20# machine oil, 240 hrs 24 hrs
Weathering Both paints have prominent feature of weather proofing and color retention.  

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