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ALSTROM fireproof aluminium composite panel is a new type of composite material cored with non-combustible mineral. It has excellent fire resistance as compared with traditional aluminum composite panel. Meanwhile, ALSTROM fireproof ACP conforms to German standard DIN4102 and ASTM E84-05 grade B-1. If you are searching for environmentally friendly building material that offers excellent fire resistance and minimal gas generation when burnt, please try ALSTROM fire resistant aluminum composite panel.

Fireproof aluminum composite panel advantages and characteristics
    - Excellent fire resistance, hardly flammable.
    - Excellent sound, heat insulation
    - Superior impact and peel strength
    - Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
    - Light weight and easy for maintenance


ALSTROM fireproof composite panel can be widely used in office buildings, Shopping centers, Industrial buildings, Airports, Hotels, Bus center, Hospitals, Schools, Supermarkets, Residential buildings

Technical data of fireproof aluminium composite panel

Hardly flammable DIN 4102,Part1 Class B1
  Class B1 Fireproof ACP ASTM E84-05 Flame spread index 5  
  Smoke developed index 0  
  Min. rest length of burning GB/T 8625-88 ≧0mm 330mm  
  Average rest length of burning GB/T 8625-88 ≧150mm 422mm  
  DIN 4102,Part1 370mm480mm  
  Smoke temperature GB/T 8625-88 ≦200℃ 187℃  
  DIN 4102,Part1 123℃~160℃  
  Flame tip's height GB/T 8625-88 150mm 15mm  
  Smoke density grade GB/T 8627-1999 ≦75 11  
  DIN 4102,Part1 ≦400%min 10%-16%min  

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